Louis Fernando Cota (b.1995) has a background in Marketing, Music and Graphic Design, focused his sense always on the details of quiet aesthethics that surround, that subsequently led him to approach visuals and sounds that drive him on the interests of the exposition of the final format. His eye is a sophisticated one - beauty is captured in the most natural way thanks to its contemporary taste for composition and lighting. Louis’s practice goes by an evident love for balance between proportions, interventions in perfections and an overall image neatness.
He is a multi-disciplinary  artist that works in personal and commissioned works, based between Mexico and New York, US.


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Photography (selection)

2021 Sollbruchstella, Editorial for Rain Magazine, New York US
2021 Photo production with Perspectiva .Crea for Shop The Rag, Sonora Mexico
2021 The Liberal Line: Internazionale, Editorial for Schön Magazine, UK
2021 Le Jardinier Et Son Seigneur, Editorial for Fucking Young!, Barcelona Spain
2021 The Réalisateu, Portraits of Alexis Barco for IMCINE, Mexico
2020 KV, Photography with Karem Vizcarra for Bershka, Mexico
2020 Learning, An interview for Polifacetica Mag, Mexico
2020 Ondine, Look book for the brand Ondine Woman, Sonora Mexico
2020 AAL FKL 85000, Editorial for PAP Magazine, Milan Italy
2020 KV, Editorial photography with Karem Vizcarra and Farfetch, Mexico
2020 Limerence, Editorial project with Georgia for French Fries Magazine, Italy
2020 Watching It Unfold, Editorial for Revista 192, Mexico City
2019 Interzone, Editorial for Pasika Magazine, Ukraine
2019 Under the Sycamore, Editorial with Divine Souls for Just Magazine, US
2019 H Collective, Best photographer in town, Boston
2019 Youth Smhr, Photography production for the brand SMHR Paris, New York
2018 Ascend from now, Editorial for Fashion Grunge, New York
2018 BS, Presentation artist in Pasika Magazine, Ukraine
2018 The Birth, Editorial and interview for Her Beauty Magazine, Czech Republic
2018 Mansio Prisma, Editorial project for Pairs Project, Paris
2018 L’Oceanide, Editorial project for Nakid Magazine and Rekt Mag, Miami US
2018 Neon Melancholy, Project for Local Wolves issue 54, Guadalajara Mexico
2018 Vogue Italy, Submission for Vogue, Italy
2017 FWA, Editorial project for Fashion Week Academy, Guadalajara México
2017 Yo Soy Runway, Documented the Backstage /photography, Guadalajara Mexico
2017 Amnesiac, Online editorial for Doux Magazine, Guadalajara Mexico
2017 Mala swimwear, Editorial project with Cananea Creative Studio, Guadalajara Mexico
2017 Anthiope, Editorial photography for the designer, Guadalajara Mexico
2016 The Real Move School (music collective), Art Direction, Guadalajara México

Art direction (selection)

2021 Standard Criteria, A collaboration between Egïs Archives & Perspectiva .Crea for Criteria, Mexico
2021 You are the reason I am dancing, Art direction and editorial design for KV Saf Safu - Farfetch MX, Mexico
2021 The Réalisateu, Art direction and editorial design for Alexis Barco IMCINE, Mexico
2020 Ondine, Look book for the brand Ondine Women, Sonora Mexico
2018 Cananea Creative Studio, Photography and art direction, Jalisco and Sonora, Mexico
2018 Editorial, Art direction and photography project editorials for Uncertain Magazine, Guadalajara Mexico
2017 Place it Envato, Photography and art direction, Guadalajara Mexico
2016 The Real Move School (music collective), Art Direction, Guadalajara Mexico

Community Manager & RSS (resumed)

2020 - 2021 Perspectiva .Crea, Cobertura en RRSS and creative direction with the studio for local brands, Sonora Mexico

Others (selection)

2021 GH Management, Test shoots for the agency, Mexico City
2020 KAI, Brand Identity design with Perspectiva .Crea, Belgium
2020 Boobjob, Campaigns for RSS, direction and production with Perspectiva .Crea, Sonora Mexico
2020 Enzu, Identity design, Sonora Mexico
2020 Ricky Michiels, Test shoots for the agency, New York
2019 Ford Model Agency, Test shoots for the agency, New York
2019 System Agency, Test shoots for the agency, New York
2019 Divine Souls, Test shoots for the agency, Massachusetts
2019 Unite Unite, Test shoots for the agency, New York
2018 Place it Envato, Handling castings, call sheets, briefing and direction of models and wardrobe stylists, Mexico
2018 Señor Lobo (music group), Photography for their new album, Guadalajara Mexico
2016 Photography and design of the album Blanco Sombra by Smth Lws (music artist), Mexico
2016 Logo design for ADS (music producer), Mexico
2016 The Real Move School, Design and Marketing, Guadalajara, México

Collective projects

2021 Lourém studios, Mexico
2020 Perspectiva .Crea, Mexico
2020 Nóis IV , Mexico
2016-2018 Cananea Creative Studio, Mexico
2016 The Real Move School (trms) collective, Mexico


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Ricky Michiels
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